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We're excited to welcome Brian Lockhart to the Casa team to strengthen our product development. Brian is a seasoned engineer and product developer with previous experience working on Xbox, MSNBC, MSN and Tableau.

Brian joins as our Product Lead for the Casa Node and related products like the Casa Lightning Explorer and the Sats Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Brian is an active member of the Bitcoin and Casa communities, leads the Seattle Bitcoin Meetup, and his experience leading teams building both hardware and software makes him a perfect fit for Casa.

Brian's Background

Brian has spent his career working to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technical innovations and mainstream consumer use cases across both software and hardware.

He's a perfect fit to help us make it easier for more people to use one of the most important tools ever invented: Bitcoin.

Brian worked as a software engineer at Microsoft across projects at Xbox, MSNBC and MSN, and an internal group aimed at adding better data analytics capabilities to Excel. He later joined Tableau Software and helped build their Server and Online products during a time when the company grew significantly in both employees and users.

After leaving Tableau in 2016, Brian took a break to spend more time with family. During this time he fell back down the Bitcoin rabbit hole (he'd done some initial research back in 2011). Since then he's been a strong member of the Bitcoin community and has been a great part of the Casa community.

We are thrilled that we were finally able to convince him to come out of retirement and play in the big leagues at Casa 😉.  

Send Brian a congrats on Twitter @BrianLockhart, and follow us at @CasaHODL and @SatsApp for the latest Casa Node news!

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