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I’m extremely excited to welcome Carolyn Reckhow to the Casa team to lead our Operations and Client Service!

Carolyn joins us from ConsenSys where she was Global Head of Operations. As one of the first employees at ConsenSys, she grew the team to over 800 in three fast-paced years while educating the world on Ethereum and broader cryptocurrency applications.

Carolyn is not your typical cryptocurrency geek. With a Masters in Macro Social Work from Boston University, she cares deeply about developing strong communities and creating broadly accessible user experience. Most of our earliest discussions centered on how Casa can support a much wider audience across many cultures and geographies.

Service is a critical missing piece in the blockchain ecosystem, and it will play a key role in growing the user base of this industry from millions to billions all over the world. When money is on the line, the typical email tech support queue or FAQ is simply not enough.

That’s why we are embedding world-class Service, along with careful Design and security-focused Engineering, at the core of Casa.

Carolyn is the perfect person to lead Casa’s Service experience given her experience both inside and outside the industry. You’ll be hearing more from her very soon!

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