Protecting your wealth is a practice, not a product. Bitcoin offers certainty in an uncertain world, but following the nuances of its complex and evolving landscape can be a full-time job.

Launched in 2018, Casa Diamond is the key to unlocking bitcoin's full potential.  Diamond membership means finding peace of mind for your bitcoin, without devoting your life to it. From making your first investment, to finalizing the distributions from your estate, our team of experts is here to guide you.  Over the last two years, we’ve worked directly with you and the people you trust to ensure your legacy is secure through decades and generations.

Today, we’re proud to announce our latest initiative, an ongoing series of intimate and privacy-preserving conversations, exclusively for Diamond members. Starting in August, join us for informative, closed-door discussions with Casa's cofounders Nick Neuman and Jameson Lopp, as well as experts from the bitcoin industry and beyond to give you an inside view of what you need to know to stay ahead. Long-term resilience requires an eye towards the horizon, and we’re here to help you focus on the emerging risks and opportunities that matter to you.

These crucial intelligence updates and in-depth conversations build on the concierge bitcoin experience currently enjoyed by our clients:

  • A custom, personalized security system, tailored for your specific needs and preferred level of privacy.  This is especially important for public figures who wish to remain private with their bitcoin investment.
  • Access to trusted partners for liquidity and bitcoin purchases.  Since 2018, we’ve quietly vetted and partnered with the premiere OTC desks in bitcoin, in order to provide you excellent pricing for your investment and immediately secure your funds in your Casa account.
  • Inheritance and estate planning, ensuring an orderly transition of your hard-earned bitcoin to the people you love.
  • Personal onboarding, customized hardware recommendations, privacy reviews, regular security check-ins, duress and contingency planning, and more for you, your team, and your family.

The first step towards your Diamond Client experience is a call with one of our Client Services experts.   Whether you’re brand new to bitcoin or were on the mailing list in 2008, we’re here to hold your hand, not your keys.

Want to learn more?  Schedule a call with Client Services today.

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