Time to make payments with the Casa Extension...even faster.

Sounds like they need the Casa Extension

Today's update includes click to pay, BTC to sat conversion, and a couple of bug fixes.

Click to pay

The Casa Extension is all about quickly using the Lightning Network as you browse the web, so we knew adding click to pay support was important.

On sites with Lightning Pay buttons, you can avoid copy/pasting invoice details into your extension to make a payment. Just click the button, and the Casa Extension will pop up in a small window with the payment ready to go. One more click and you're done.

This is a feature a lot of our users asked for after our main launch last week, so we're excited to get it out and into your hands quickly!

BTC <--> Sats Unit Conversion

When we initially built the Casa Node, we thought many people new to Lightning wouldn't know about satoshis (sats), the smallest unit of BTC. We decided to keep units in BTC to make it as approachable as possible for everyone.

However, we quickly heard from our users who had been around the block (🥁) a few times that sats were important to have as a unit option. Following the theme of listening to our customers (shameless pat on the back there), we've now added a setting to switch between BTC and sats as your base unit in the Casa Extension. We'll be adding it to the Casa Node web UI as well soon.

Nothing makes you feel rich like looking at your balance in satoshis

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where paying very small amounts would result in a "Must be positive integer" error
  • Fixed a bug with USD fields in various payment pages

A quick note about permissions

You'll notice that with our latest update, the Casa Extension asks for some scary-sounding Chrome permissions.


"Read and change all your data on the websites you visit" sounds scary, but this is only used to detect when a Lightning compatible link is available. Chrome unfortunately doesn't give us better granularity with this permission setting.

We do not read any data aside from the relevant Lightning invoice when you click a pay button. The Lightning invoice is detected and used to complete the transaction in the extension, and then it is promptly forgotten. No data about this transaction is stored by Casa.

You can confirm this yourself in the extension's open source code.

Want to join the Lightning movement? Get a Casa Node and the Casa Extension to experience the easiest way to be part of the Lightning Network.

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