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Today we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with BlockFi!

Since launching Keymaster multisig in 2018, we’ve been asked about lending and borrowing services—whether we’d ever offer them ourselves and, if not, whom we’d recommend.

Why Casa Doesn’t Provide Financial Products—and Never Will

Loans and other financial products are great for the ecosystem, but to provide them you need to operate under full regulatory oversight. That means collecting and storing large amounts of customer data.

Casa is built for your long-term savings and security, and it is in our clients’ best interest that we minimize data collection. As stated in our Seven Guiding Principles, we only make money if our customers are safe and secure. We can’t have anything change our core incentives or put our clients’ privacy at risk.

Casa and BlockFi agree: Financial products and sovereign multisig should never be mixed.

Your sovereign security and wealth partner should not be incentivized to sell you financial products or amass data it may need to turn over to a regulator—even if you never used a regulated product!

Although short-term incentives might lead one to believe that mixing the two is a good idea, privacy and regulatory requirements for the two are very different, creating a conflict of interest and introducing new risks for HODLers. They should be kept apart.

With this in mind, we set out to find a partner with shared values, who would work with us to maintain a strong privacy barrier for all of our clients while still providing great products to the customers that want them.

The team at BlockFi fit these requirements perfectly, so to encourage the use of a strong privacy and security wall, we’re excited to share a set of special deal terms for our customers.

BlockFi + Casa Partnership Perks

This partnership allows Casa’s sovereign clients access to market-leading financial service products, without compromising their long-term storage, savings, and data security.

Starting today, Casa members are eligible for:

  • Reduced rates on BTC-backed loans - up to 50 basis points
  • Plus an additional 10%  bonus on interest earned each month for Bitcoin interest accounts.

Additionally, all current BlockFi customers are eligible for:

  • $50 off Casa Node with included Gold Subscription
  • $200 off first year of Casa Platinum with 3-of-5 Key Shield multisig
  • $500 off first year of Casa Diamond with 3-of-5 Key Shield and full team support

There are no hidden referral fees, and neither Casa nor BlockFi are making money on this partnership (other than attracting more customers). It was critical for us to find a partner willing to keep incentives properly aligned, and to pass all savings directly to customers. Casa never has an incentive for you to take out loans.

Borrowing & Lending Bitcoin

HODLing is powerful and will always be our focus, but we recognize that our clients may want to use their Bitcoin for trading, loans, or other financial products. We also acknowledge that some individuals consider custodial services to be a calculated risk.

  • BlockFi Interest Accounts allow you to deposit BTC and earn monthly interest on your deposit. Casa members will receive an additional 10% interest on any BTC deposited in a BlockFi account.
  • BlockFi Crypto Backed Loans allow you to collateralize your Bitcoin in exchange for a cash loan. Casa members receive the greater of $50 or 50 basis points times your loan principal amount.

Vetted by Casa

For Casa members interested in lending and borrowing their Bitcoin, it was critical that we identify a trusted partner that shared our vision.  

Casa has undertaken extensive vetting of BlockFi and we’ve worked closely with their team for months to define this partnership. We’re impressed with their energy, integrity, and collective expertise—including backing from Fidelity and Susquehanna.  You can read more about BlockFi at the links below.

Your Privacy First

Protecting the privacy of our existing users is always our priority.

In designing this partnership, we’ve made sure that the identities of Casa customers that aren’t using discounts are never exposed.

BlockFi will never have access to Casa systems. There is no data sharing or systems integration involved.  

Should you choose to claim this offer, BlockFi will know that you are a Casa customer, but no other data is exposed. BlockFi will:

  • Never have visibility into your Casa membership tier (i.e., Gold, Platinum, or Diamond)
  • Never see information on Casa customers NOT using their services or discount
  • Never have access to any Casa system or API

Know that because BlockFi is regulated, they must collect and share certain data from customers using loans and other services. Their privacy policy is transparent, and you can read it here.

Because of Casa’s focus on long-term savings and security, we have designed our service to severely limit our data intake. You can read our full Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

Membership Benefits

Your Casa membership comes with benefits: Casa Node—the world’s first plug and play Bitcoin + Lightning node, Keymaster—the best Bitcoin multisig and personal key manager on the planet, 24/7 access Casa’s team of experts, and—as we’ve begun announcing today—perks and discounts with vetted partners.

As we continue to roll out more partnerships, know that we will always prioritize your security and privacy, and will always pass savings onto our customers.

Claiming your Discount

The two-way savings go into effect today, and will be rolling out live in the weeks ahead. Reach out to us directly at (include ‘BlockFi’ in the subject line), and we’ll help you get set up and in our queue.

Still Not a Casa Member?

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Learn more about BlockFi

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