Now more than ever, it’s time to own hard assets. That means holding bitcoin, not bitcoin IOUs from an exchange.

Casa membership is the safest, easiest way to do that.

The next several months will be among the most important in bitcoin's history, and it’s crucial to make sure your security setup is ready for whatever comes next. Bitcoiners need to be able to protect what matters, stay empowered, and have peace of mind their coins are safe.

How to get started

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Enjoy Casa Gold FREE for 30 days.
  3. After 30 days, you can begin your membership ($120/year, which works out to only $10/month).

During your trial

Put us to the test. Try out every feature and see if Casa meets your standards. Don’t trust that we’re the best security for your bitcoin, verify it. There’s no upfront charge and you can cancel any time during your first 30 days.

What you get with Casa Gold

You get the knowledge that your bitcoin is safer than anywhere else. Bitcoin is empowering but it’s also stressful, risky, and difficult to secure. Casa changes that.

Here’s how Casa makes your bitcoin disaster-proof:

  1. Your bitcoin is protected by 2-of-3 multisig - Meaning sign-offs from two devices are required before your coins can be moved.
  2. You always have control - Because you have 2 keys, you ALWAYS have full control over your wealth. You can manage these keys on 1 phone + 1 hardware wallet. Or on 2 hardware wallets.
  3. Casa always has your back - Casa holds 1 key for emergencies and offers world-class support. So if you lose your phone, or if your hardware wallet is stolen, your bitcoin will still be completely safe. Casa will be here to help you get back to full security ASAP.

This protects your coins from hackers, accidents, seizure, SIM swaps, insider fraud, hardware wallet failure, and more. And by keeping your keys at different locations, you also protect against thieves, natural disaster, and other real-world threats.

Still leaving your funds on an exchange?

You’re exposing yourself to unnecessary risk and losing out on some of bitcoin’s greatest strengths!

This is true no matter how trustworthy or well-insured that exchange may be. A bitcoin IOU is simply not the same as bitcoin you hold yourself.

Every month we see cases like this one, where a security engineer lost over $100,000 on a leading exchange from a SIM swap attack. (HUGE thank-you to @cooncesean for raising awareness by tweeting about his ordeal.) Last year alone over $150 million in crypto was reported stolen in hacks.

If you’ve been waiting on the sidelines, now’s your chance to try Casa with no strings attached. Get started now.

Curious to see how easy Casa is to use? Check out this video of our Co-founder + CEO Nick Neuman going hands-on with our app.

Already using a hardware wallet or DIY cold storage setup?

Then Casa multisig is an excellent way to protect yourself from single points of failure, like losing your seed phrase.

We've designed our service (live since 2018) to removes the stress, anxiety, and worry from being your own bank.

With Casa, securing a hardware wallet is no longer terrifying.

Having your coins protected by multiple devices means you can lose a single device and easily replace it. And you’re backed up by one of the most respected security teams in bitcoin, keeping you up to date on new threats and vulnerabilities. All this leaves you in full control, and significantly decreases your risk of accidents and catastrophic loss.

If you lose a hardware wallet (or just want an upgrade), you can replace it in as little as 5 minutes.

If you’re using a hardware wallet and/or or steel plate backup, ask yourself:

  • What happens if I wipe my hardware wallet with a firmware update?
  • Do I have a maintenance plan implemented to monitor my devices - that they haven’t been damaged, lost, or strolen? How often am I updating it?
  • What if I forget my PIN? Is it securely backed up?
  • Are my seed phrases properly secured? Who has access to them?
  • How can I know I’ve safeguarded myself against accidents and user error?

Some bitcoiners go to extremes protecting themselves from hackers or in-person attacks, but wind up with fragile, over-complicated ‘treasure maps’ that are stressful to maintain and prone to accidents. Complexity is the enemy of security, which is why more bitcoin is lost due to mistakes than to theft. With Casa, you get the security benefits without the complexity. We’ve thought of everything, so you can finally stop worrying.

If you’re asking yourself, “What if something happens to Casa?’ - We never stand between you and your wealth, and we make it easy to safely recover your bitcoin at any time via open source software. Check out our Sovereign Recovery Instructions here.

If you’re a privacy-conscious HODLer - Check out Casa’s Privacy Model. You can sign up with a pseudonymous email and an online card service like to keep your identity private.

Ready for a security upgrade?

Casa Gold is FREE to try, and only takes 10 minutes to set up if you have a hardware wallet. Start today!

Want more tips on bitcoin security?

Join the Casa Security Briefing for news + developments impacting your personal security and privacy.

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