Update: Casa Node software is no longer maintained; we recommend looking at other build-your-own node projects.

Today we’ve got a big update for Casa Node owners! Over the next few weeks we’ll have a lot of new features and user experience improvements to the Node, and we’re super excited to be kicking it off this week with some huge dashboard improvements!


We’ve been working on a massive overhaul to how the Casa Node interface displays data. Until now, you’ve had to refresh the screen any time you wanted to see updated block counts, new transactions, or new channel statuses.

With this update, we’ve implemented what we call “Smart-refresh”. (And by we, I mean I made that up just now.)

“Smart-refresh…clearly brilliant branding by a mastermind at work” — Steve Jobs, probably

Smart-refresh automatically pulls new data into the dashboard depending on what you’re looking at and what recent actions you’ve taken.

For example, if you recently requested a Lightning transaction and are looking at your transaction list, we increase the frequency of times we check the node for updated transactions, so we will show your completed transaction much faster than before.

We’re also storing data more efficiently, which makes the overall UI much faster. In the past, when you opened the Transactions menu, you’d have to wait for all of the transactions to load every time. Now we cache existing data and automatically check for changes.

When designing these changes, we had to be careful to avoid overtaxing the Raspberry Pi’s limited computing power. We took a surgical approach with this feature, and it turned out very well — balancing user information needs with hardware limitations.

We’re excited to have people test this out. Send us feedback on what you think!

“Factory reset” — resetting the seed phrase and password

Some users have asked to generate a new seed phrase, reset their password, or have had corruption issues with LND and need to reset.

We’ve added in a Factory Reset button, which essentially wipes and resets everything on the node except the Bitcoin chain data.

We recommend against doing this unless advised by Casa Support.

Before doing a reset you should remove any funds from channels and the on chain wallet on the Node.

Other changes

  • Added Max Incoming Payment, which shows you the largest single Lightning payment you can receive based on liquidity in incoming channels
  • Fixed a bug where very small payments showed up in scientific notation, because nobody’s used scientific notation since 8th-grade science class

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