Update: Casa Node software is no longer maintained; we recommend looking at other build-your-own node projects.

This week’s update goes out to all of you Lightning Explorer lovers who’ve been wondering why your node’s connection address isn’t publicly visible! (crowd goes wild)

Improvements for incoming node connections

If you have to set up port forwarding — either because uPnP isn’t working or because you don’t want to use uPnP — we’ve now added in the ability to tell the Lightning Network what port you opened. This will make your node visible to other nodes using autopilot (so they’ll auto-open channels to you), and it will allow others to find your connection code in explorers.

You can check to see if your node is discoverable via your Connection Details.

If your node isn’t visible, you’ll see a warning message with instructions on making it visible using port forwarding.

Once you get it fixed up using our port forwarding instructions, you’ll enter the new IP details after clicking “Continue with Port Forwarding”. Your node will restart and you’ll be good to go!

Bug Fixes/other additions

  • Fixed a scroll bug that kept those who spend too much money on Satoshi’s Place from seeing all their transactions (shoutout to @Crpt0PuraVida for finding this one!)
  • Fixed a bug in pending BTC counts that failed to convert from satoshis to BTC, which made it look like you had much more BTC than you really did. Sorry, we didn’t magically grant you 1878475 BTC in your pending Lightning channels.
  • Added more detail to explanation tooltips throughout the UI
  • Added a popup explaining the Bitcoin “Rolling Forward” status
  • Added a button to download error logs for troubleshooting
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