Update: Casa Node software is no longer maintained; we recommend looking at other build-your-own node projects.

This week we have a small update that fixes a few bugs and has some performance enhancements.

Release Notes

  • Updated to the latest version of LND (v0.5.2). This is a minor version update, and the release notes can be found here.
  • Optimized bitcoind to improve Node performance.
  • Added a changelog to Github so users can more easily find the changes in each software update.
  • Made various improvements to login authentication security and speed
  • Fixed a bug with seed importing that kept the wallet from detecting some users' funds. If you've tried to import a seed phrase and your funds haven't shown up, do a factory reset on your device from the Settings menu and re-import your seed phrase. Only do this if you have your seed phrase written down, or you will lose funds.
  • Fixed a bug with Resync from Scratch that caused it to remove LND data. It will now only remove bitcoind data and start verifying the chain from the first block.
  • Fixed a bug with external IP address occasionally showing incorrectly in the dashboard
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