Update: Casa Node software is no longer maintained; we recommend looking at other build-your-own node projects.

Today's release has improvements to fee handling, updates to Bitcoind and LND, and some bug fixes. The update will begin showing up on nodes later this afternoon.

Please note that the updates to Bitcoind and LND are large, so this update will take longer than usual!

You should expect the following approximate update times:

  • 15-20 min to download update
  • Then you’ll need to log in to unlock LND
  • Another 15-20 min while bitcoind and LND boot up and channels start coming back online

All in, it should be done with an hour or less.

Fee handling

Recently, we added the ability to choose your fee when sending on-chain transactions or opening channels. Since then, there have been a few issues where transactions would get stuck due to having a lower fee than your node's mempool would accept. This usually manifested as channels being stuck "pending open" for a long time.

We've now added a check to make sure the fee you're setting will be accepted by the mempool. If it isn't high enough to get accepted, you'll be prompted to select a higher fee. This should alleviate most of the problems people have with stuck channels.

In the meantime, if you have a stuck channel, restarting your node will reset the mempool and rebroadcast your transaction.

Other updates

  • Updated Bitcoind to v0.18.0 - release notes here
  • Updated LND to v0.7 - release notes here
  • Various bug fixes

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