Update: Casa Node software is no longer maintained; we recommend looking at other build-your-own node projects.

In today's Casa Node update we are releasing awesome usability improvements for viewing and managing inbound channels, and more!

Managing Your Inbound Channels

Better channel detail

Inbound channels are important because they allow others to pay you and route payments through your node.

Previously, we couldn't tell the difference between inbound channels and autopilot channels at the protocol level. In a recent release, the Lightning Labs team has added more information to channel details that allows us to differentiate the two.

We've now updated the Custom Channels page to show you both outbound and inbound, helping you balance your node's inbound and outbound capacity and improve your routing capabilities. You can filter to show only one type or the other, and see the capacity on both sides of each channel.

Minimum channel size

One problem that more visible members of the community have had is with getting a lot of very small inbound channels. This doesn't really improve your node's routing capabilities and adds overhead as your node has to track more channels.

We've added a feature for setting a minimum inbound channel size to help with this issue. You can require that channels opened to your node have at least X sats in them. This can reduce the amount of inbound channels you have and help you ensure that any channels opened to you have the capacity you desire.

We're working hard to give users more control over their Casa Node's channels, so we're excited to add this feature. You can adjust this on the Manage Lightning Node page.

Changing your Node Color

You can now change your Casa Node's color hex, which appears in most Lightning explorers. I chose white—it's a sleeper pick because most people think it's boring, which means by picking it I'm actually being unique and cool. So NOBODY ELSE PICK THAT.

The color can be changed in the Manage Lightning Node page using a hex code. (Not sure what a hex code is? Here is a site that can help you find the one you're looking for.)

After you Save your changes, wait ~30 min then click "View in Lightning Explorer" to see your snazzy new color. You can also search for your Casa Node directly at Explore.casa to see what color it uses currently.

Other updates & fixes

  • Updated LND to v0.6.1, which contains some bug fixes. Read about that release here.
  • Fixed some minor bugs & improved error messages when sending sats.

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