We created Keyfest 2021 to celebrate private keys and to educate the bitcoin community on the potential and practical applications of this burgeoning technology. And we’re excited to continue that exploration at Keyfest 2022 on Jan. 5-7.

The breakthrough behind bitcoin goes beyond the asset, the network, and the meme. It’s our first glimpse into the age of digital sovereignty – a future you can truly own. And that freedom begins with private keys.

🔑 Keyfest 2022: We’re just getting started

This year’s Keyfest is more topical than ever. Since the inaugural Keyfest, the manifesto of digital sovereignty has manifested itself at both the micro and macro scale. Bitcoin climbed to all-time highs. Adoption continued to spread at a fervent pace. And private keys defended individual bitcoiners from any number of malicious threats.

At Keyfest 2022, we’ll take a deep dive into three topics:

Day 1: The Future of Private Keys
Day 2: Digital Privacy
Day 3: Personal Sovereignty

This year’s conference will feature fireside chats, interactive workshops, and exclusive access for Casa Premium clients. We’ll have something for everyone, whether you’re new to bitcoin, interested in the industry, or secretly Satoshi Nakamoto 🤫

Catch appearances from all of the following speakers:

  • Nick Neuman, Co-Founder and CEO, Casa
  • Peter McCormack, Host, What Bitcoin Did
  • Jameson Lopp, Co-Founder and CTO, Casa
  • Odell, Bitcoin, Privacy, and Open-Source Advocate
  • Lamar Wilson, Co-Founder, Black Bitcoin Billionaires & Sunjoined.com
  • Kristin Smith, Executive Director, Blockchain Association
  • Matt Hill, Co-Founder and CEO, Start 9
  • Camila Campton, Community Development Manager, Swan Bitcoin
  • Ron Stoner, Head of Security, Casa
  • Janine Römer, Journalist and Privacy Advocate
  • Charlene Fadirepo, Founder and CEO, GuideFi
  • Anthony Ronning, Software Engineer, Impervious
  • Javier Bastardo, Organizer, Satoshi En Venezuela
  • And more to come!

Learn more about our sessions and register here.

👀 Get behind the scenes with client exclusives

This year, we’re rolling out the purple carpet. We’re hosting exclusive sessions for Casa Premium clients with a focus on hyperbitcoinization, the geopolitical backdrop, and how Casa is evolving to prepare you for that sovereign reality. You’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from Casa leadership, so come ready with questions.

This year’s Keyfest will be interactive, and we’re not talking about just a hashtag. We’ll feature live chat, dedicated rooms, Q&A with speakers, and more. Casa experts will teach you how to get started with multisig, so you can start managing your personal keys yourself. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about bitcoin security, this is the event for you.

🎟 Save your seat now

Registration is open now. Sign up here and join the digital sovereign. The time is now.

🧑‍🏫 Watch and learn

Want to get warmed up in the meantime? Check out last year’s sessions and learn about private key encryption, the roots of cypherpunks, and bitcoin security practices.

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