The secure home for your bitcoin.

The team has been working hard over the past month on some great new features for Casa users!

Ledger Integration

We’ve released full Ledger support, so Key Shield multisig users can have a mix of Trezors and Ledgers as signing devices. This reduces risk of manufacturer-specific vulnerabilities with the hardware devices in your wallet (supply chain attack, device backdoor, bugs, etc).

Using a single manufacturer for all keys in a multisig setup could pose massive security problems if that manufacturer is breached or backdoored. That’s why Casa recommends multisig + multi-location + multi-device for a truly secure wallet.

Single Signature Keysets

Added a Single Signature keyset to complement Key Shield multisig. This uses a single Trezor to secure the wallet, allowing Casa clients to hold funds in a more accessible manner.

Ethereum Support

Casa users can now hold ETH in their Casa wallet! Ether support is only available in the Single Signature keyset. We don’t believe Ethereum multisig is secure enough to hold our clients’ funds — yet. Check out our rallying call to make Ethereum more secure.

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