• Think shoe shine, not sausages. Though this is also referred to as “making the sausage”, so maybe sausage is relevant as well…🤔
  • Significantly improved the Key Shield UI and interactivity, so each device displays security status and can be directly accessed from the shield.
  • Many improvements to small elements throughout the Casa experience, e.g. email alerts, password manager integration (everyone should use one!), and in-app user guidance.
  • Improved security around mobile key storage & recovery by utilizing the iOS Secure Enclave and iCloud Keychain.
  • Mass extermination of bugs.


  • Our current website could be described as “barebones” (to put it nicely). We’ve got a spiffy new design and are almost finished coding it out. The new site should be up in the next week or so.
  • We submitted the Casa app for App Store approval, which was granted. We’ll be submitting another version which includes the aforementioned polish, and then we’re flipping the switch.

Over and out

Next time you hear from me, we’ll be live in the App Store! See you on the other side 👊.

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