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Single Signature Wallet — BTC Activated

We recently released our single signature wallet with Ethereum support, and now we’ve added BTC support!

Casa clients can store most of their Bitcoin in the 3-of-5 multisig wallet (the Key Shield), and now also keep a small amount in a single key wallet. This allows moving BTC more easily — like a checking account — but is still secured with a single hardware wallet.

Currently when you use a hardware wallet, you have to be at your PC to check balances. With Casa’s Single Signature wallet, you can check your balance from your iPhone at any time, plus initiate sends and receive funds. The convenience comes with a security tradeoff when compared to the Key Shield, so we still recommend that clients keep the majority of their BTC in their multisig wallet.

Casa Store Now on OpenBazaar

We’ve launched the Casa Store on OpenBazaar! Buy Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets and get free 2–3 day shipping, or overnight shipping for a fee.

Casa is an authorized reseller for both Trezor and Ledger, and we guarantee that you’ll receive a completely new, unopened, secure hardware wallet. If you aren’t satisfied with the device’s condition or packaging upon receipt, we’ll exchange it no questions asked.

OpenBazaar allows us to easily accept Bitcoin payments, skip credit card processing fees, and support an excellent marketplace in the crypto community.

Visit Casa Store on OpenBazaar:

Prefer to us a credit card to buy your hardware wallet?

Got you covered — head to

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