Update: Casa Node software is no longer maintained; we recommend looking at other build-your-own node projects.

Visually Explore the Lightning Network on the Casa Explorer

A couple weeks ago we released a Casa Lightning Explorer so you can see your Casa Node on the Lightning Network (and see active stats and other nodes).

Today we’re releasing Casa Starmap — a way to visually explore your Node and its connections on the Lightning Network. We’re also improving the design of Node pages.

Using Starmap is easy.

  • Dot size corresponds to the total amount of funds that node has in Lightning channels. So larger dots have the most capacity.
  • Links between nodes represent payment channels.
  • Missing links mean a channel is no longer active between the nodes.
  • Color of dot comes from the selected node color.

All nodes have a sharable URL based on connection code, structured as:


When you’re looking at one node, you can click neighboring nodes to visit their corresponding starmaps. You can click, hold and drag on the node at the center to reposition the graph.

Finally, click the “View Node” button top left to return to details of the specific node you are viewing.

Check out the ln1.satoshilabs.com node from our friends at SatoshiLabs (makers of Trezor hardware wallet), which now has 450+ channels!

Ready to buy a Casa Node?

You can buy a Casa Node for Lightning and Bitcoin now!

Also visit Casa Keymaster homepage to learn more about the other products & services we offer.

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