When you buy and HODL bitcoin, you set your wealth aside for the future. It’s important to ensure that wealth is preserved long after you’re gone.

Casa’s bitcoin inheritance plan is designed to help you transition your bitcoin to your loved ones’ custody with best-in-class security and superior service. The program is featured in our Casa Diamond plan, which leverages a 3-of-5 multisig as the foundation for your wealth protection and eventual transfer.

We recently made several enhancements to our process so commencing with your inheritance plan is even more polished than before. Here’s a quick look at why inheritance planning matters and an overview of the changes we’ve made to better serve you and your loved ones.

Bitcoin inheritance: What’s your moon?

Most bitcoin investors aren’t HODLing for themselves. If someone owns a significant amount of bitcoin, they’re HODLing for a bigger reason. It could be their family, their community, or a cause they deeply care about.

Bitcoin provides you with complete control of your wealth, but that control can make succession planning difficult. Owning bitcoin comes with a learning curve, and while many bitcoiners have learned the value of self-custody, many wonder whether their next of kin are ready to hold their own keys. Many bitcoiners have spouses, children, and trustees to whom they wish to transfer their bitcoin upon their death, but their loved ones lack the knowledge of how to use a hardware wallet, for instance.

Some caution is justified. As much as 4 million bitcoin has been lost over the years, due to improper storage and poor succession planning. If you’ve been fortunate to amass a significant amount of bitcoin, it’s in your best interest to ensure your bitcoin is safe until your loved ones are ready for self-custody. Our bitcoin inheritance plan empowers our clients to create succession plans with peace of mind.

Simplicity for when it matters most

The death of a loved one can be a chaotic time. Estate planning is about bringing clarity to the process and easing the transition, so your wishes are ultimately carried out as the last step in your legacy. Bitcoin security is just one of many concerns an heir or power of attorney has to address while managing an estate.

We recently updated our bitcoin inheritance plan, formerly known as Casa Covenant, to better accommodate a wide range of estate planning needs. Now, the involvement of an attorney or legal counsel is optional, and a sixth key is no longer required.

Under our new framework, your participation in our bitcoin inheritance plan will be oriented around a Recovery Custodian, a designated individual to whom your Casa account will transition in the event of your death. Your Recovery Custodian can be either the ultimate beneficiary of your bitcoin or someone responsible for transferring your bitcoin to the appropriate individuals, such as a trustee, fiduciary, or executor. It is worth noting your Recovery Custodian needs to be someone you completely trust, for they will assume full custody of your bitcoin.

By naming your Recovery Custodian and preparing your inheritance materials ahead of time, Casa can facilitate a smooth transition when the time comes. We will be able to immediately transfer your Casa account with a notarized death certificate allowing your Recovery Custodian to access your account. We will then work with them to reassemble the Casa Key Shield, so they can recover your bitcoin using the inheritance materials that were prepared in advance.

Easier than ever to get started

Time is money and money, well, that’s bitcoin. We are always working behind the scenes to further streamline and enhance our client experience.

Until recently, our inheritance offering was legally intensive. While some documentation is still required, we’ve made it easier for you to complete. Now, you can begin your setup from within Casa App or our web app. There, you can provide your information and upload documents. To get started, we will need the following information about your Recovery Custodian:

  • First and last name
  • Government-issued ID
  • Shipping address for inheritance package

Once your application is submitted, our Client Services team will review it for compliance. Together, this process saves you time and lessens the administrative burden associated with bitcoin inheritance, so you can get back to living your life.

The future is far from certain, but your bitcoin should be. As a censorship-resistant store of value, bitcoin represents both generational wealth and self-sovereignty, perhaps the most precious heirloom there is. With Casa’s bitcoin inheritance plan, you can safeguard your bitcoin, the ultimate legacy of every HODLer.

Nothing beats peace of mind

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your bitcoin if you were gone? With our Casa Diamond plan, you can protect your investment for years to come. Our Diamond plan combines institutional-grade security with white-glove client service for total peace of mind. It’s perfect for long-term HODLers.

Want to learn more? Schedule a call now.

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