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*Edit: This article was published at Casa's inception. Since posting, our priorities have shifted to better align with our core principles. Starting in 2019 and moving forward, Casa is focusing on Bitcoin and Lightning only. We believe the future of computing will be built on Bitcoin and Lightning. We aim to be the absolute best in product design, experience, and customer service when it comes to your Bitcoin + Lightning computing and security needs.

Your future is dependent on keys.

Not a metal door key like the one in your pocket, but a special kind of digital, cryptographic key like this one:


Cryptocurrencies use these digital cryptographic keys to secure funds.

Early companies in the cryptocurrency space manage these keys for you, acting as a custodian. This approach is great for fast setup, but it severely limits your control and experience (kind of like AOL vs. the full Internet).

To gain the real benefits of cryptocurrency, you must manage your own keys.

But managing keys is not easy. Keys can be lost accidentally or in a disaster, and holding full power from keys opens you up to new risks of theft.

We created Casa to help you manage keys.

Using a precise mix of world-class design, engineering and service expertise, Casa enables you to maximize the benefits of cryptocurrency while minimizing the risks of holding keys.

Multi-signature + Multi-location + Multi-device

Our first product is the ultimate personal HODL setup: 3-of-5 multi-signature key software with 24/7 support. Keys spread across devices on a mobile phone, three hardware wallets and our Casa Key Recovery Service (KRS). This setup gives you full control while addressing risk of theft, accidents, disasters and more.

Multi-signature means that multiple signatures are required to execute a transaction. In our case, there are five (5) total keys, and any combination of three (3) keys can be used to execute a transaction.

Multi-location and multi-device mean that three of your five keys are on three separate hardware wallet devices spread across geographic locations:
one at Home, one at an Office (or other daily location), and one inside a Bank safety deposit box (or other secure location). You can use your favorite hardware wallet with Casa. Today we support Trezor and Ledger devices, and we plan to support all other devices requested by clients.

Another one of five keys is held on your mobile device using the Casa app. This key travels with you as your mobile phone does. We would not normally recommend keeping a key on the phone, but we believe the strongly improved user experience is worth it. The risks of keeping a key on a phone are minimized in two ways: 1) we store the key in the secure enclave and 2) we use multi-signature (with keys from other devices and locations required).

The last one of the five keys is held securely by Casa. We use this last key to help you recover in an emergency such as a fire, accident or theft. We also use this key to assist with end-of-life recovery and inheritance procedures.

In summary:

  • You have full control by holding 4-of-5 total keys.
  • The risk of theft is reduced by spreading keys across locations (and never having more than two keys in one location) because more time and travel means a higher chance of thieves being caught.
  • Casa can help you in emergencies because we hold 1-of-5 keys.
  • Casa can never access your funds because we hold only one key. And any thieves attacking Casa can also never access your funds.

Bitcoin First. More Currencies Soon.

Casa is a Bitcoin first company.

Casa will support many other cryptocurrencies, but we will always prioritize Bitcoin support. Bitcoin is the OG and still leads the market, and at Casa we strongly believe that if Bitcoin goes away, so do all other cryptocurrencies (the only exception to this is the unlikely case that another cryptocurrency out-Bitcoins Bitcoin — then we will prioritize that).

Casa is live on Bitcoin mainnet today with SegWit, full HD multi-address support, signature logging, wallet recovery and much more. We are actively onboarding customers for Bitcoin only.

All existing Casa clients will gain access to other currencies as soon as our integrations are production ready.

Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC 721 support is next, driven by client demand.
Litecoin, ZCash, Monero and others will follow.

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Build with the Best

From design to engineering to client service — Casa has assembled the best team in the industry. We can’t wait to announce more in the coming weeks!

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