Update: Casa Node software is no longer maintained; we recommend looking at other build-your-own node projects.

This tutorial will quickly explain how to send a successful Node Heartbeat using Sats App as well as a couple of helpful pointers for doing so.

With Node Heartbeats, you can earn a weekly 10,000 SatsBack reward by successfully sending at least one Node Heartbeat per day, five days of the week.

It’s our way of incentivizing customers to keep their Casa Node healthy and in turn keeping the Bitcoin and Lightning networks healthy.

How to Send a Successful Heartbeat

In order to send a successful Node Heartbeat, you should first enable Lightning Tor connections via your Casa Node dashboard.

To do this, navigate to the Connections panel of the System tile in your Casa Node dashboard.

Next, ensure that the toggle switch for Enable Lightning Tor Connections is in the on position.

While it is possible to link Sats App to your node with only Bitcoin Tor Connections enabled, you won’t be able to send a successful Heartbeat unless Lightning Tor connections are enabled.

Next, make sure your Casa Node is connected to Sats App. For instructions on how to do this, see our support database’s article on Linking your Casa Node to Sats App.

Once your node is connected, you’ve only got two steps left:

  1. Tap the Heartbeat button

2.   Stack Sats!

If a Heartbeat ever fails, you'll know that you need to check your node device. The failure could be caused by your internet connectivity, a router or firewall issue, or even a node device failure. If you’re stuck, email help@team.casa and we’ll get you sorted out in no time!

Sending a Heartbeat is incredibly simple. 30 seconds (if that!) out of your day nets you 10,000 SatsBack, and you can rest assured that your Casa Node is healthy and helping Bitcoin adoption.

For more info on how Heartbeats and SatsBack work, check out our blog post on Node Heartbeats and the Heartbeat SatsBack reward.

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