Update: Casa Node software is no longer maintained; we recommend looking at other build-your-own node projects.

We've got two big announcements today.

First, Sats App is now available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store! So download now! And thank you to everyone who helped us test during our beta period.

So far, customers love using Sats App to connect with their Casa Node (with a 20,000 SatsBack reward!), to send Lightning transactions using SatsTags, and to earn Bitcoin while keeping their Node healthy with Heartbeats. However, users without a Casa Node really couldn't use Sats App at all.

That changes today. With this update, you can now use Sats App for Bitcoin without needing a Casa Node! We're taking another big step toward our goal of making Sats App the easiest way to use Bitcoin.

Sats App – Bitcoin for Everyone

Now, Sats App has a fully self-contained Bitcoin key. Anyone who downloads the app can use it to send and receive Bitcoin on-chain, and you can unlock Lightning Network features by connecting a Casa Node.

The best part? You can use SatsTags to easily send and receive on-chain as well as off-chain. This makes it easy for anyone to send Bitcoin just like they would use Cash App or Venmo to send a friend money for dinner.

And it's still fully non-custodial; you control your private keys. The private key is saved in your phone's secure enclave and backed up using Casa's existing secure backup method, which our CTO Jameson Lopp explained in this post.

When someone sends bitcoin to your SatsTag, a new address is derived from your public key and provided to the sender. The bitcoin goes directly to your key and does not pass through Casa in any way. We've done our best to keep it simple, while still giving users as much personal sovereignty and ownership as possible.

We should also note that customers can still send using a Bitcoin address or by scanning a Bitcoin QR code. We worked hard to find a way to improve usability for new Bitcoin users, while still maintaining full Bitcoin functions.  

Manage your mobile key with Keymaster

The features for the new Bitcoin key in Sats App are pretty simple - create a new key or sync an existing one, send, and receive. We've purposely kept it as straightforward as possible, so anyone can pick up the app and start using Bitcoin.

However, there are deeper key management features available in Keymaster app (on both iOS and Android), even for free users. The Sats App key is shared with Keymaster - either locally on your phone's secure element or via your cloud backup. It's displayed as your "Mobile Key" within Keymaster. And if you already have your Mobile Key set up in Keymaster, it will automatically be shared over to Sats App!

In Keymaster, you can check the health of your key and manage your cloud backup. In the future, we'll provide more detailed transaction controls in Keymaster that won't be available in Sats App. Both apps are meant to work in harmony to create the best Bitcoin experience available.

Sats App is built for simplicity, while Casa Keymaster is built for ultimate security and control with included multisig protection. Many new clients will start with Casa by using Sats App as a simple way to earn Bitcoin or send to friends. Then they can escalate to using Keymaster as they learn more about key management and multisig.

Ready to use Lightning with Sats App?

Get a Casa Node now to unlock the Lightning Network and Node Heartbeat rewards (10,000 SatsBack rewards every week!) in Sats App.

Get full peace of mind when storing your Bitcoin

Sign-up for a Casa Gold membership to use multisig to secure your Bitcoin.

  • No seed phrases necessary
  • Secured with hardware wallets (free Trezor included)
  • The easiest and most secure way to store your Bitcoin long term

Send questions or feedback our way on Twitter at @SatsApp!

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