Today we're releasing an update for the Casa Extension that has some new features, bug fixes, and a new name! The update will go live later today.

Sats Extension by Casa

Recently, we announced Sats App with SatsBack for iOS and Android (sign up for the beta).

As part of the Sats App release, we're updating the Casa Extension to be the Sats Extension by Casa, the perfect companion to the Casa Node and Sats App.

The Sats Extension will continue to be a great way to quickly use your Casa Node to make and receive payments in the browser.

In addition, we'll be adding totally new ways to earn SatsBack rewards over the coming months, so you can stack sats whether you're on your phone or in a desktop browser. More information on this to come, but just know that we're excited about what we've got cookin' 😉.

Support for tipping and other blank invoices

While we've had support for blank invoices in the Casa Node, we're now adding it in the Sats Extension as well. If you get an invoice to pay someone on, for example, you can now enter the amount properly and tip them any amount.

We're big fans of, and we know our users are too, so we're excited to finally add this one in!

Other features and fixes

  • We've improved balance calculations throughout the extension, so it should be faster.
  • Fixed some graphical issues in our Firefox extension.

Check it out and let us know what you think! We'll have more details on SatsBack Rewards coming soon.

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